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Make your own claim! ASML revises Intel's process roadmap

On December 11, a number of foreign media reported that ASML announced at the recent IEEE International Electronic Equipment Conference (IEDM) an Intel process roadmap for the next 10 years. The roadmap shows that Intel will launch 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, 2nm and 1.4nm processes. An ASML spokesman said that the picture was presented by Intel at a lithography conference in September, but Intel said that the picture has been modified by ASML.

In the pictures published by ASML, it can be clearly seen that Intel will launch a new generation of technology every two years in the future, and launch a 1.4nm process in 2029. In the original PPT provided by Intel, the number of process nodes for each year was not announced.

Intel clarified that the recent PPT used by ASML changed the slides of Intel at a conference in September this year, causing misunderstanding.

As an Intel partner, ASML deserves to know some of Intel's process plans. However, without permission, ASML changed the partner's PPT and displayed it publicly. How did such an oolong incident result? It is unknown at this time.

According to Jiwei.com, Intel is not only a customer of ASML, but also a shareholder of ASML. However, after several reductions, Intel ’s current number of ASML shares has dropped to less than 3%.

From the two process roadmaps released by Intel and ASML, it is consistent that Intel does launch a new generation of processes every two years, so it can still be seen that Intel is full of confidence in future process research and development.

It is worth mentioning that Intel's current process node is only 10nm, and both roadmaps show that Intel will use EUV equipment in 2021. As the only manufacturer of EUV equipment, ASML modified the Intel process roadmap and displayed it externally. Urge Intel to place an order?