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Broadcom or plans to acquire security software company Symantec

According to Reuters, in order to further improve the company's software business profitability, Broadcom plans to acquire security software company Symantec.

People familiar with the matter said that Broadcom may reach an acquisition agreement in the next few weeks, but because there are still many unknown factors, Broadcom has not disclosed and confirmed the acquisition.

If the acquisition can be achieved, it will be the second time in the software field that Broadcom has invested heavily in the acquisition of CATechnologies for $18 billion last year.

It is understood that Symantec is the world's largest network security software company, but in the past year, the company is facing a series of problems such as the departure of its CEO, the weak demand for security software and the company's acceptance of financial investigations. huge challenge.

For the continuous acquisition of software companies in recent years, Broadcom said that through the continuous acquisition of companies that have a leading position in the sustainable market, and continue to invest as part of Broadcom, rather than integrating its products, it is currently the best of Broadcom. Acquisition strategy.

However, due to the far-reaching business content of current Broadcom, some investors are not optimistic about the acquisition.

Currently, Broadcom and Symantec have not commented on this.