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Triad Magnetics

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Brand Introduction

- For over 60 years, consumer, commercial and industrial electronic devices have relied on innovative magnetics technology from Triad Magnetics. We offer solutions for power conversion, filtering, isolation and more. Our products include transformers for audio, gate drive, power, medical/dental, wall-mount and plug-in applications; as well as inductors for current sense, common mode, toroidal, filtering and power applications.
Today, you’ll find a wide range of Triad magnetic components in advanced computers, telecommunication systems, automation controls, audio devices and other equipment. Lewis W. Howard founded Triad during the 1940s in Venice, California. He was a UC Berkley graduate, a Wescon Trade Show cofounder and was recognized as an IEEE life member.

Product category

Transformers(1,296 products)

Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)(366 products)

Kits(12 products)

Inductors, Coils, Chokes(201 products)

Filters(161 products)

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