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Wistron India’s "Riot" plant has been reorganized or re-obtained Apple orders

An employee riot occurred at Wistron's southern India plant in December last year. The company has now cooperated with Apple to complete plant reorganization. Taiwan media quoted news from India. Shen Qingyao, general manager of Wistron and CEO of Wistron Intelligence, said that the plant will soon resume operation.

A source in the Indian mobile phone industry told the Central News Agency that after Wistron and Apple cooperated to rectify the rioting plant management, Apple may re-submit the original iPhone 12 Pro Max OEM orders to Wistron in India.

Wistron produced Apple’s iPhone factory in the Narasapura Industrial Zone in Karnataka, India. In December last year, a labor service company delayed payment of employees’ salaries, resulting in a violent incident involving thousands of employees surrounding the factory. In the end, part of the production line, vehicles and office equipment were damaged, and the iPhone was stolen on the production line, resulting in a loss of 400 million to 500 million rupees.

According to the investigation by the Karnataka Provincial Government, although the labor service company’s failure to pay its employees was the main cause of the riot, Wistron failed to fulfill its responsibility of managing and supervising the labor service company, and failed to keep records of employees’ overtime and salary. The same was fined. This incident even stopped the iPhone 12 Pro Max orders that Apple had originally commissioned Wistron to manufacture in India.

In order to rectify many problems in the Indian factory, Wistron dismissed the Taiwanese vice president responsible for overseeing the Indian plant business at the end of last year, and at the same time appointed the former Pan American Manufacturing General Manager and Wistron North America, who initially established the mobile phone manufacturing business in India. Xu Honggui, president of the branch, reorganized.

The Times of India today quoted Shen Qingyao as saying that since the December riots, the company has been working hard to comprehensively improve and solve problems and raise management standards. All employees receive all salaries on time and implement a new hiring and salary system. , To ensure that everyone can get the correct salary and provide the correct salary documentation.

Shen Qingyao said that the company will provide all employees with an enhanced training program, and employees can also obtain information anonymously through the new system and ask the company any questions. He added, "We look forward to restarting operations."

Apple also stated that in the past 8 weeks, the iPhone manufacturing team and independent auditors have been cooperating with Wistron to ensure that the necessary systems and processes have been established in the Narassapura plant. Comprehensive rectification and improvement have been completed. Wistron has also reorganized its subsidiaries. The recruitment team has strengthened the training and support for employees.