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Toyota and Denso announce that they will form a new-generation, automotive semiconductor joint venture

According to the Impress Watch website, Toyota and Denso announced plans to establish a joint venture company "MIRISE Technologies" in April 2020 to research and develop next-generation automotive semiconductors.

"MIRISE" is the abbreviation of "Mobility Innovative Research Institute for Semiconductor", meanwhile, "MI" is the first pronunciation of "future" in Japanese, and "RISE" stands for rising. The two companies expressed their hope to develop semiconductor technology that can promote the world's mobile technology innovation and promote the future development.

The new company will be chaired by Kato Ryoman, the current director of Denso.

Toyota and Denso explained the new company's corporate vision for 2030 and its midterm 2024 management policy.

First of all, the company's vision for 2030 is "to achieve a travel society with a superior technological environment, safety and comfort, and the core supporting it is MIRISE's semiconductor electronics."

For the mid-2020 management policy, MIRISE will combine Toyota ’s mobile experience advantages and Denso ’s in-vehicle technology advantages, two-wheel drive in the automotive business and parts business, and develop a new generation of vehicles oriented by key technological innovations such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving as soon as possible semiconductor.

In terms of subdivided fields, MIRISE will mainly focus on three technical fields of electronic power, sensing and SoC.

In the area of ​​electronic power, the two have accumulated a lot of experience in materials, manufacturing, and design technologies in the field of electrification, mainly in hybrid vehicles. In the future, they will mainly develop internal manufacturing (including contract manufacturing). In addition to the internal production of the sensing business, joint development with partners will be promoted. The SoC field will further strengthen the clarification of SoC specifications that are most suitable for future mobility.

In order to accelerate the establishment of future competitive structures and systems, the two companies are actively cooperating with universities, research institutions, startups, and semiconductor-related companies, and are also strengthening the recruitment of semiconductor professionals.