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TSMC's outstanding suppliers increase in Taiwan factories, ASML president: importance increases

TSMC held the 100th Supply Chain Management Forum on the 5th. Thank all suppliers for their outstanding contributions this year to assist in the expansion of 7-nanometer process capacity, the establishment of new plants for 5-nanometer process, and technological development. It is worth noting that, unlike in the past, Taiwanese suppliers appeared among the winners this year, showing that the importance of Taiwan ’s semiconductor supply chain is gradually increasing under the trade war.

Although the president Wei Zhejia was unable to attend, he said in a press release that the company is rapidly increasing its advanced technology capacity to help customers create a world where everything is connected and computing power is ubiquitous. Thank you very much for your supplier partners' support and assistance, so that TSMC can continue to strengthen its technology leadership and manufacturing excellence. In the future, we hope to pursue sustainable growth together with our supplier partners and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

TSMC invited more than 700 suppliers from the global semiconductor industry to provide equipment, raw materials, packaging, testing, factory services, information systems and services, environmental protection and waste disposal, and awarded outstanding performance awards to 14 excellent equipment, Raw materials and factory affairs suppliers.

In particular, the previous winners were almost foreign businessmen. This year's winner list includes Taiwan specialization, Han and Tang and mutual aid construction. Among them, Taiwan specialization in providing special gas technology was established only 6 years ago, which is a fairly new company. In addition, TSMC also thanked Mutual Aid Construction, Han and Tang Dynasties for their strong assistance in the construction of civil buildings and factory facilities. Peter Wennink, president and chief executive officer of ASML, said that he did feel that the importance of Taiwanese suppliers was growing in the context of international technological competition.

This year's list of excellent suppliers also includes applied materials that have cooperated with TSMC in technology, Taiwan Scitech, and Teradyne; Esmol, Colin R & D, Tokyo Willem, which support mass production acceleration; support for chemistry Materials and equipment: Ebara Manufacturing Co., Kanto Xinlin Technology, Merck Advanced Technology, and Shin-Etsu Chemical, which provides yellow-light technology materials, provides the win of silicon wafers.