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South Korea's CPU market is changing, Wannian runner-up AMD squeezes Intel

Thanks to Intel's reduction in the provision of high-end CPUs (central processing units), AMD has won the favor of Korean consumers with high cost performance. AMD, which ranks second in the year, is rapidly emerging in the Korean market.

South Korea's IT price platform Danawa said on the 2nd that AMD's market share in South Korea was 53.58% last month, and it won 46.42% of Intel. At the beginning of the year, AMD's market share was only about 40%, but since July, AMD's market share has begun to surpass Intel.

According to the Korean financial news "fnnews" report, experts believe that due to the unstable supply of Intel CPU, coupled with the popularity of high-configuration games this year, AMD quickly accumulated word of mouth and won many purchase orders.

For example, in June this year, Korea Telecom KT and Jooyon Technology signed an education information contract, which included a supply contract of 18 billion won and 45,000 computers, all of which were equipped with AMD Athlon processors. In addition, most of the 30,000 computers that Danawa supplies to the Korean Army are equipped with AMD products.

AMD related people said that in the past, tender notices often have bad practices for designating Intel processors. Recently, Intel and AMD have become more and more on the list.

On the other hand, the Korean industry generally believes that although the market is still dominated by 9th generation Intel processors, in the assembled computer market, AMD's preference has begun to increase, and AMD will continue to shine in the Korean market. Before the generation, I am afraid it is difficult to reverse the market trend.

Relevant people in the industry pointed out that from the perspective of the use of computers by large corporate brands, consumers and manufacturers still prefer Intel, but for the cost-effective assembly computer market, SMEs, AMD is more attractive, but Intel is expected to borrow 10 generations. The processor converts the market atmosphere, but there is still no specific listing schedule.