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Smart Eye and OmniVision Release end-to-end vehicle sensing solution

Smart Eye and OmniVision work together to provide pioneering end-to-end in-vehicle sensing solutions for the automotive industry. This solution combines two industry leaders to achieve intact cabin monitoring, and its innovative function helps next-generation vehicles achieve a higher level of automation.

Smart Eye AB, the world's global leader in the car; OmniVision, the world's ranked digital image solution developer, the same day issued a complete vehicle-oriented vehicle in the car OEM vendor, this solution Simply use a RGB-IR sensor to achieve a complete driver and motor monitoring video conferencing application.

This solution is the first integrated video processing chain, combined with an OMNIVISION OV2312 RGB-IR sensor, supports excellent daytime and night performance.

"In-vehicle sensing artificial intelligence is critical to the automotive industry. This technology not only enhances car safety, protects people's lives, but also provides automakers to provide differentiated mobile travel experiences, improve health, comfort And entertainment, "Smart Eye founder and CEO Martin Krantz said. "Through the cooperation with OmniVision, we are achieving this vision: with the price of the mass market, providing end-to-end advanced vehicle sensing systems that meet the needs of automobile OEM manufacturers."

"OV2312 uses our Omnipixel® 3-GS pixel technology, is a 2.1 million-pixel RGB-IR global shutter image sensor, specifically designed in the car, and obtained between modulation transfer function, near-infrared quantum efficiency and power consumption Balance. We have been able to cooperate with Smart Eye to make accurate and complete vehicle sensing solutions possible. "Brian Pluckebaum, OmniVision Automotive Product Market Manager.

Smart Eye's eye, mouth and head manual intelligence tracking technology provides EuronCap performance, and can be monitored and driver monitoring in a complete cockpit, which can detect the distraction, sleepiness and disability of the driver, and realize the driver Identification and anti-fraud processing. Cab monitoring also includes all seats, misplaced, seat belt status, and forgotten infant monitoring. The action detection function can detect the occupant action, such as the driver's hands on the steering wheel, use mobile devices, call, drink water, eat. These actions will affect the interaction between the car and occupants, but also a prerequisite for achieving a higher automatic driving level.