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Seoul Semiconductor receives a permanent ban on patent infringement in the US

On the 26th, Seoul Semiconductor released a press release saying that it won the patent infringement lawsuit filed by the operator ServiceLightingAndElectricalSupplies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "1000bulbs.com"), the largest online sales platform for LED lamps in the United States, "1000bulbs.com". The product received a permanent lock-up order.

Generally, in US patent litigation, even if it is found to be infringement, it will only be judged that the infringer pays the license fee according to a certain percentage of the sales amount. The Permanent Injunction is very rare. Prohibition of sales is only granted if the technical value of the patent is very high and the sale of the infringer is not prohibited, causing irreparable damage to the patentee. In fact, more than 4,000 patent litigations are filed each year in the United States, but fewer than 10 cases per year receive a “permanent lock-up order”.

In the patent lawsuit filed in Seoul in December 2018 and August 2019 in Seoul, the court not only prohibited the infringing party from selling infringing products, but also decided to recall all the products sold.

The effectiveness of this judgment applies not only to the prosecution of more than 50 lighting and other related products, but also to all LED luminaires using similar patented technologies. When Seoul Semiconductor discovers additional infringing products and submits evidence to the court, the court shall make a ban on sales of these products in accordance with the summary procedure.

This patent is a total of 10 core technologies for the manufacture of LED lamps, including the "Multi-Wavelength Insulation Reflector" widely used in the Mid-Power package of 0.5W~3W class. In the light-emitting surface, a plurality of LED chips "MultiJunction Technology", a driver for current conversion and loop control integrated devices, and a technique for improving package durability are provided. Among them, "multi-junction chip technology" is used for high-voltage lighting products of 12V and above, and is the earliest invented Acrich technology of Seoul Semiconductor. With the simple design changes of smart phones, LEDs as their main accessories have gradually changed to the second generation of high-efficiency, high-quality products. Seoul Semiconductor's patent litigation of smart phones is also a lawsuit to maintain this second-generation technology.

On behalf of the director of Seoul Semiconductor Li Yixun, "I hope that the success story of Seoul Semiconductor can bring hope to Korean young people and SMEs who challenge their dreams", "with the hope of giving little hope to young entrepreneurs, to steal technology and The company of personnel is willing to fight all the way to deal with it."