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Qiaolong 730G + VOOC flash 4.0 + 64 million four cameras, realme X2 start only 1499 yuan

This morning, realme X2 officially launched, the main performance "performance level, design level, image level." Realme product director Wang Wei said, thank you for the support of the real product Q realme Q, the new thousand yuan benchmark realme Q inherited the realme X youth version of the positioning, and replace realme X, is today's protagonist - realme X2.

Realme X2 uses 6.4-inch Samsung Super AMOLED screen, water drop screen design, 91.9% ultra-high screen ratio, chin control at 4.3mm, double-sided fifth-generation gorilla glass, four-curved 3D glass body, and "wormhole" on the back The light pattern "new parallel design, multi-layer light and shadow create a mystery, providing two colors of silver wing white and star blue. The fingerprint of the new generation G3.0 light-sensitive screen of Huiding Technology is used, and the 0.36s speed is unlocked.

Realme X2 uses 64 million eagle eye four camera solution, the main camera uses Samsung GW1 sensor, 1 / 1.72 inch outsole, 119 ° super wide-angle lens, distortion correction, enjoy 4 times the field of view, portrait lens brings black and white portrait style, shoot retro A large sense of high-level, macro lens, observe the world with different perspectives and closer distances.

Professionally commissioned by the photography master, National Geographic photographer Aaron served as the guest director of the film. After hundreds of field tests and adjustments, realme X2 has outstanding performance in many scenes such as seaside, mountains, forests and cities, creating soft and hard. With a strength of 64 million four shots.

The realme X2 front adopts a 32-megapixel lens, supports pixel four-in-one, single pixel size up to 1.6um, self-timer super night view function, night self-timer is also clear and bright.

Realme X2 super wide-angle video to meet more large-scale shooting needs. Super video anti-shake, motion camera-like stable performance; video portrait blur, simulate large aperture shallow depth of field effect, take a large impression of the big film in minutes; super slow motion, freeze the moment; support comprehensive video editing function, play Turn the video era.

Realme X2 is equipped with Snapdragon 730G, adopts 8nm process technology; Supports 30W VOOC flash charge 4.0, five safety protection, safe while playing and playing; adopts full speed esport mode + multiple cooling technology + dual channel network acceleration + dual Wi-Fi Network acceleration + 2x2 MIMO "anti-lock" antenna design + exclusive game space, to create a better overall gaming experience for you.

The realme X2 uses Dolby Atmos + Super Linear Speaker + Smart Amplifier to give you an immersive sound experience. Support multi-function NFC, bank card, bus card, access card, open a new convenient life; use independent three-card slot, maximum support 256GB expansion, a larger storage experience, so that you can use enough.

Realme X2's 6+64G version is priced at 1599 yuan, 8+128GB is priced at 1899 yuan. It is scheduled to open at 12 noon today. It is scheduled to be reduced by 100 yuan, 6+64GB is issued to the hand price of 1499 yuan, and 8+128GB is issued to the hand price of 1799 yuan. ! In the official website, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Tesco is scheduled to give a year of broken screensavers. It will be officially launched at 0:00 on September 27.

In addition to realme X2, this conference also released realme earring Bluetooth neckband earphones, using MFP magnetic flashing technology, separate and connect, close and close; nickel-titanium memory metal neckband, no deformation, only 30g, Non-inductive wearing; 11.2mm large drive unit, multi-layer composite diaphragm + Japanese copper-clad aluminum voice coil, make the sound more textured; support fast charge, battery life up to 12 hours; invited the world's leading music producer AlanWalker to adjust It also shows the dynamic and layered sound of the bass. Bluetooth 5.0+ three-button remote control + IPX4 waterproof, three tide colors available, only 149 yuan!

There is also realme X2 soft rubber handle shell, classic design, feels superior, priced at 39 yuan!