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Product experts want to rely on Razr to bring Motorola brand back

Recently, Motorola product expert Chris Francica said in an interview with Netease Technology: "We are not re-launching Razr, but we want to bring the Motorola brand out of the arena."

Chris Francic said Motorola had an original Razr version. Later when developing a folding screen design, Lenovo did not think it was necessary to create a new Razr, so this is why everyone thinks the name Razr is familiar. Razr was developed by Lenovo Research, a subsidiary of Lenovo Group, and Motorola's mobile phone department. It lasted 4 years and was the final product direction selected from 26 prototype solutions. In order to achieve a folding design, Lenovo, through continuous research and development, has finally designed this Razr that is now presented to everyone.

When asked about the design difficulties of the product, Chris Francica said that the design difficulty lies in getting the two parts of the phone to work together. Because of the hinge structure, special design is needed to ensure that the lines of the two parts of the mobile phone can be connected normally, which is a great challenge. As for the battery, it is necessary to ensure that the two parts of the battery can be used in a balanced manner, so it needs to be optimized accordingly.

Do you think the Motorola brand can rely on Razr to make a comeback?