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MediaTek Intel joins forces to enter the 5G computer market, gaining market optimism

MediaTek will release its world's first 5G system-on-a-chip (SoC) in the afternoon on the 26th. However, the night before yesterday, it was announced that it would work with Intel to introduce the latest 5G chips into key consumer and business notebook (NB) markets. International manufacturers Dell and Hewlett-Packard are expected to become the first companies to adopt, and terminal products are expected to be listed in early 2021.

This is the first time that the two parties have cooperated. Because Intel has a very high market share in the notebook market, MediaTek ’s cooperation with it can also be regarded as opening up a new battlefield for its own non-mobile phone applications. The news of Lido also inspired MediaTek to jump 2.15% in Taiwan stock market to NT $ 427.5.

General Manager Chen Guanzhou said that MediaTek's development of 5G modem chips for personal computers will work with Intel to promote the popularization of 5G across home and mobile platforms. 5G will start a new era of personal data computing. This time, we cooperated with industry leader Intel to highlight the 5G technology strength of MediaTek in the global market. Through this strong alliance, consumers will be able to experience faster browsing of the web, watch streaming media, and enjoy video games on personal computers. MediaTek will achieve more than imaginative innovations through 5G.

Gregory Bryant, Intel's executive vice president and general manager of the client computing business unit, said that 5G is expected to open up a new level of computing and network connectivity and will change the way we interact with the world. The collaboration between Intel and MediaTek combines engineering experts with deep technical systems integration and network connectivity to work together to bring the next generation of the world's best personal computer to the 5G experience.

MediaTek pointed out that the development basis of the new 5G personal computer modem chip is the previously released 5G chip Helio M70, which is also a key component of MediaTek ’s first wave of 5G flagship smartphone SoCs.

MediaTek has long been committed to the development of 5G technology, actively participating in the formulation of 5G standardization in international organizations, and working with industry-leading partners to build a 5G industrial ecosystem. This cooperation with Intel can also be regarded as MediaTek's promotion of 5G universal industry leadership in multiple consumer areas such as mobile devices, homes and automotive markets.