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Linux Kernel 5.4.1 released, ready for large-scale deployment

Greg Kroah-Hartman, a well-known Linux kernel developer, announced today that the first release of the Linux 5.4 series kernel (5.4.1) has officially launched a stable version and is ready for large-scale deployment. On November 24, Linus Torvalds announced that users will be able to install the latest and most secure Linux 5.4 kernel series branch on their favorite distros, introducing long-awaited support for Microsoft exFAT file system, a backup Expected new "lock-in" security features, and many hardware improvements.

At the same time, Linux Kernel 5.4 brings memory management improvements for Android applications. This is a new high-performance virtio driver called virtio-fs, which can be used to share files between the host and guests.

There are also dm-clone (for cloning block devices in real time), fs-verity security features (detecting file tampering), and many improvements to AMDGPU and APU.

At present, the Linux 5.4 kernel series is ready for large-scale deployment, and the first stable version (5.4.1) is available for download on the official website of Kernel.org.

This means that GNU / Linux OS vendors can start packaging Linux 5.4 kernels into their latest Linux distributions and push them into the repository for end users.

It should be noted that Linux Kernel 5.4.1 is a maintenance update that changes a total of 69 files, including 1090 insertions and 472 removals. You can go to Github to browse the code of Linux Kernel 5.4.1.

It is recommended that users update to the latest stable version as soon as possible. Experienced Linux users can immediately download it from Kernel.org and compile it in their favorite GNU / Linux distribution.