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Japanese media: Resana Naka factory will resume work before April 19

Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" reported on Friday (9th) that according to sources, the Naka factory (in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan), which is the leading manufacturer of Japanese automotive MCUs, was shut down due to a fire. Production will be restarted before June, but shipments will not return to pre-disaster levels until late June.

The source pointed out that Renesas Electronics puts thousands of manpower into the reconstruction of the Naka factory every day, and the clean room reconstruction, which is the key to the resumption of work, is estimated to be completed this week. New semiconductor production machines are also expected to move into the factory in the near future, and the dispatch of some machines will have to wait until the end of May.

On the other hand, Renesas decided to use its own Saijo factory (Ehime Prefecture, Japan) in order to alleviate the impact on automobile manufacturers and entrust a large-scale wafer foundry in Taiwan to perform alternative production.

The epidemic has unexpectedly activated the "home economy" and the demand for computers and home appliances has soared, causing a global shortage of semiconductors.

Trial calculations pointed out that under the influence of the fire at the Naka factory, Japanese automakers will reduce production by the largest amount to 2.4 million vehicles.