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Japan tightens its exports to South Korea, but loosens the shackles of Huawei

In Japan, which has been blocked by the United States and blocked Huawei, Japan’s two major telecommunications companies will resume selling Huawei products in the context of increased trade disputes between Japan and South Korea.

The Korean media "ZDNetKorea" reported that Japan has tightened its export restrictions to South Korea, but it has gradually loosened its Chinese companies. Japanese telecommunications companies KDDI and Softbank will resume selling Huawei smartphones.

KDDI plans to resume sales of Huawei P30Lite on the 8th. Softbank's chief operating officer, Miyauchi Hiroshi, also said at a recent press conference that the Huawei smartphone P30Lite will be resold.

In fact, KDDI and Softbank had planned to release the P30Lite series of mobile phones in May. However, due to the United States restricting transactions to Huawei, the day itself is a US alliance and can only postpone the listing plan. KDDI explained that Huawei has decided to re-launch the P30Lite listing plan in addition to improving product security and ensuring that it is supported by Google software.

Japanese companies have gradually relaxed the blockade of Chinese companies. After Japan’s launch of Huawei’s merchandise in June, Japan’s prepaid card telecommunications company IIJ also re-sold Huawei’s merchandise last month, including new machines such as P30, P30Lite and tablet Lite8.

"ZDNetKorea" pointed out that the P30Lite series re-sold by Japan belongs to Huawei's latest flagship machine, which also means that Sino-US trade disputes have not shaken Huawei's position in the Japanese market.

However, some telecom operators still have no signs of selling Huawei. Another major telecommunications company, NTT DoCoMo, has not released any news of re-selling Huawei. Huawei is still in a state of suspension.