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Is the horse headed? Tokyo Electronics will cut off Chinese companies that have been blacked out by

On June 11, according to Reuters, an executive at Tokyo Electronics (Tokyo PowerTech), the world's third-largest semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier, said the company would cut off China that was blacklisted by the US government. client.

The executive did not name the Chinese companies, but he said, "We will not do business with Chinese customers who are prohibited from doing business with Applied Materials and LamResearch."

It is understood that Fujian Jinhua is still restricting the purchase of "corporate lists" of US company technology products. Although Huawei has also been included in the “entity list”, Huawei HiSili is a fabless IC design company, so it is not a buyer of semiconductor equipment.

Tokyo Electronics is not the first non-US company to announce compliance with the US ban, after Arm announced that it would suspend its business with Huawei due to the use of US-originated technology. So what is the reason why Tokyo Electronics is so "consciously" obeying the US ban?

An American chipmaker executive said that it is not impossible for Japanese companies like Tokyo Electronics to replace US competitors, sell semiconductor equipment to China and complete production lines. However, due to the strong opposition of the United States, it is still very difficult to actually do so.

According to Reuters, a person familiar with the matter pointed out that another major Japanese semiconductor equipment supplier is also considering stopping shipments to blacklisted Chinese companies. He said, "This problem is beyond the scope we can decide."

In addition, executives of other Japanese equipment suppliers indicated that they are in close communication with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. One of the senior officials said frankly, "We have not received any specific instructions from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, but we understand that if we use the US export ban to expand our business with China, we may face big trouble."

According to the data, there are 7 of the top 15 semiconductor equipment companies in the world in 2018. Tokyo Electronics ranks third in the world, and the other six are Advantest, SCREEN, KokusaiElectric, Hitachi HighTechnology, Taifook and Canon.