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Intel 10 core fever new product exposure: 14nm continue to increase the frequency

  In the field of desktop fever, Intel's current product is the second generation Core X series codenamed Skylake-X, the flagship model i9-9980XE, 18 core 36 threads, down to i7-9800X, 8 core 16 threads.

According to the roadmap and intelligence, Intel's next generation of fever product codenamed "Cascade Lake-X", which is derived from the server platform Cascade Lake, is still 14nm process, the core architecture is the one introduced by Skylake, just made specifications and Further improvement in technology.

Cascade Lake-X will continue to work with the X299 chipset motherboard, which is code-named "Glacier Falls."

Recently, a new product of the Cascade Lake-X family appeared in the SiSoftware database. There are no models. The specifications are 10 core 20 threads, 19.25MB L3 cache, 4.0GHz base frequency, and 4.6GHz turbo frequency acceleration frequency.

Obviously, it will replace the current i9-9900X, which is also a 10-core 20-thread, 19.25MB L3 cache with a frequency of 3.5-4.5GHz and a thermal design power consumption of 165W.

The earlier 10 core 20 thread i9-7900X frequency is still 3.3-4.3GHz, the third-level cache is only 13.75MB, of course, the thermal design power consumption is also low and only 140W.

In other words, in the case of the three-generation product process continuation process and the structure is basically unchanged, Intel will increase the core base and core frequency by 700MHz, 300MHz, and open part of the cache, but also paid the price of power, I don’t know this time. Will it be higher than 165W.