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In 2018, Samsung Electronics’ total tax revenue reached 17.8 trillion won.

Last year, Semiconductor Rongjing not only made Samsung Electronics record the highest revenue and profit record in history, but also paid taxes of up to 17.8 trillion won to governments, of which 15.3 trillion won was paid to the Korean government, accounting for 86% of the total tax payment.

According to the Korean media "MoneyToday" report, Samsung Electronics reported that Samsung Electronics paid taxes of 17.8 trillion won to governments in the past year, twice as much as 2016 (8.9 trillion). This amount includes the corporate tax, national tax, property tax, and various public expenses paid by Samsung Electronics in various countries. It is the total amount that Samsung Electronics pays to countries and local governments within one year. Since the semiconductor business took off in 2016, the taxes paid by Samsung Electronics have soared. From 2016 to 2017, the tax has increased from 8.9 trillion won to 15.1 trillion won in just one year, with a growth rate of 69.6%. Growing 11.7%.

86% of the taxes paid were paid to the Korean government. According to the analysis, this is the reason why Samsung Electronics has a high growth rate in the production of memory semiconductors in Korea. Last year, the revenue of Samsung Electronics' semiconductor division was 44.5738 trillion won, accounting for 75.7% of the overall profit. In terms of the proportion of countries, the tax rate for South Korea fell once in 2014 (53%) to 2015 (51%), but after growing to 67% in 2016, it has increased year after year. In other regions, Samsung Electronics has paid 6% of the total tax revenue in Asian countries such as China, accounting for 7% in Europe and the United States, and about 1% in other regions.

From the perspective of local revenues, Samsung Electronics has 86% of its revenue overseas, including the highest in the Americas (81.7 trillion won, 34%), followed by Europe (43 trillion won, 18%) and China. (43.2 trillion won, 18%). South Korea’s internal revenues were only 33.9 trillion won, accounting for only 14% of overall revenue.

Overall, Samsung Electronics’ revenue share has not changed much. Revenue to China grew from 38.3 trillion won in 2017 to 43.2 trillion won in 2018. Although the revenue ratio declined in 2016 (18%) to 2017 (16%), it was 2018 (18 %) rebounded back to the original level.