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Hangshun chip M0 core overcomes mass production, optical module MCU no longer stuck neck

According to the official news from Shenzhen ’s local semiconductor design supplier Hangshun Chip, Hangshun Chip ’s latest product, the HK32ALG31x series, released on January 8 has started to provide samples and will officially begin mass production in February.

It is reported that this new product will lead the application of Cortex®-M0 core to specific special industries through a new definition and inherit the excellent craftsmanship and good stability of HK32 MCU family. ADC, DAC, CLU and rich peripheral interfaces, and provide a new function library and compact package size. Very suitable for space-constrained and performance-intensive applications, such as photoelectric conversion modules, fiber optic network modules, base station systems, precision instruments, industrial control equipment and intelligent sensor automation systems in optical communications.

Features of high integration

The HK32ALG31x series MCU retains the original 12-bit ADC, I2C, general-purpose timer, and USART and integrates large on-chip storage, which can maintain the original characteristics and stability of the product while adding industry-specific applications.

HK32ALG31x series MCUs have added two 12-bit DAC outputs on the basis of the original general functions. No external DAC module is needed, which can effectively reduce BOM cost and save PCB layout space.

The new Configurable Logic Unit (CLU) provides greater hardware flexibility for field applications, enabling designers to implement combinatorial logic and / or synchronizers without using off-chip devices. The logic unit supports a variety of digital functions, such as replacing system glue logic, generating special waveforms, and synchronizing system event triggers. The CLU units are fully programmable, helping to increase the CPU's operating efficiency and enhance the real-time nature of signal processing for cost-sensitive products. It is also very easy to connect with other chips in the system.

In order to provide accurate analog measurement, the chip integrates a 12-bit high-performance ADC with a 2.6M SPS sampling rate, 8 external reusable channels, and 2 internal channels connected to the internal temperature detection Vsense voltage and the internal VREFINT reference voltage detection. It can inversely calculate the chip temperature and power supply voltage, and supports hardware oversampling filtering function and resolution configurable function.

These new industry-specific high-integration precision features are very useful for engineers of industrial control systems such as optical transceivers, optical modules, and access networks, enabling the HK32ALG31x series products to achieve fully integrated digital control in such applications, and This ensures precise control of the optical drive and monitoring process.

The product is reliable and stable

HK32ALG31x series MCUs use the stable and reliable Cortex®-M0 core, with a maximum operating frequency of 56MHz, supporting on-chip 56M RC oscillator and off-chip 4-24M oscillator. The chip integrates a temperature sensor, a 16-bit general-purpose timer, a 16-bit Systick Timer, and a watchdog timer (WWD). The chip provides low-power modes such as sleep mode, shutdown mode, and standby mode, and supports fast wake-up function.

This series of MCUs integrate 64KB FLASH and 4KB SRAM on-chip, providing enough programming space for industry applications, without having to worry about function expansion.

This series of MCUs are powered from a wide 2.0V to 5.5V power supply and operate in the -40 ° C to + 105 ° C temperature range. The chip has strong anti-interference performance and good EMC performance. All I / O ports support the Tolerant function, which is very suitable for use in complex environments (multiple sources of interference). The hardware does not require too many peripheral circuits for complex processing, while saving costs. It also improves the stability of the system.

Various package sizes

HK32ALG31x is available in small package sizes such as QFN32, QFN28, QFN24. Adapt to various compact layouts, engineers can choose the corresponding products according to actual needs. Each model supports online IAP upgrade, which is convenient for product production and later maintenance.