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GlobalWafers and GLOBALFOUNDRIES sign a $800 million cooperation agreement

On June 8, silicon wafer manufacturer GlobalWafers announced that it has signed a $800 million cooperation agreement with semiconductor manufacturer GLOBALFOUNDRIES, which will increase the production of 12-inch SOI (silicon-on-insulator) wafers and expand GlobalWafers’ production in St. Missouri. The 8-inch SOI wafer capacity of Peters' existing fab.

According to reports, the 12-inch SOI wafers produced by GlobalWafers in the Missouri plant will be used in GlobalFoundries’ most advanced Fab 8 fab in Malta, New York, and the 8-inch SOI wafers manufactured in the Missouri plant will also be used in GlobalFoundries. Its Fab 9 wafer fab in Vermont meets the rapidly increasing demand for GlobalFoundries' advanced RF technology in applications such as 5G smart phones, wireless communications, automotive radar, and aerospace technology.

GlobalWafers pointed out that the total amount of this long-term cooperation agreement in the next few years is expected to be nearly 210 million U.S. dollars to expand GlobalWafers' Missouri fab capacity. The production test line for 12-inch SOI wafers is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

It is reported that in order to satisfy customers and the continuous growth of global computer chip demand, GlobalFoundries will invest US$1.4 billion to expand production capacity in 2021, so more upstream wafer materials are needed to support growth.

GlobalWafers is one of the major 8-inch SOI wafer manufacturers, as well as an existing and long-term supplier of GlobalFoundries 8-inch SOI wafers. In February 2020, GlobalFoundries and GlobalWafers announced their intention to cooperate closely and significantly expand GlobalWafers’ existing 12-inch SOI wafer production capacity. The agreement announced this time also symbolizes that their cooperation has taken an important step forward. .

GlobalFoundries CEO Tom Caulfield said that GlobalFoundries leads and accelerates the US semiconductor manufacturing industry and increases production capacity to meet global chip demand. Xu Xiulan, Chairman and CEO of GlobalWafers, expressed the expectation that GlobalWafers' 12-inch SOI wafer production test line can enter trial production this year and accelerate the cooperation between GlobalWafers and GlobalFoundries.