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Ferrotec (China) Group Board of Directors came to copper to discuss project investment, etc.

Recently, He Xianhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ferrotec (China) Group and Vice Chairman of Shanghai Shenhe Thermal Magnetics Co., Ltd., came to Chongqing to discuss project investment and other related work. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Hu Qisheng, Vice Mayor Huang Huafeng and other witnesses signed the contract.

At the meeting, Shanghai Shenhe Thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. signed a capital contribution agreement with the relevant person in charge of the establishment of Anhui Fulede Changjiang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd. It is reported that the company will carry out semiconductor wafer precision recycling, semiconductor materials, electronic components and components manufacturing and processing; new material technology development and promotion services; general equipment, general parts manufacturing and sales; goods and technology import and export business, etc. Further improve the hard power of China's semiconductor industry.

Hu Qisheng pointed out that the province attaches great importance to the development of strategic emerging industries such as electronic information. At present, Tongling is vigorously promoting traditional advantageous industries while seizing the development opportunities and constantly launching a drive for innovation and transformation. The signing of the contract is a solid foundation for the expansion of cooperation between the two parties. It is hoped that the Ferrotec (China) Group will closely focus on the industrial transformation and upgrading, and put more cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and major projects in Tongling. The Tongling Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will continue to be a "store small two", concentrate on service project construction and development, and strive to create a new situation of cooperation and win-win.

He Xianhan said that Tongling City has a superior investment environment and solid industrial foundation. The municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to project construction. They will further accelerate project construction, continue to increase investment in copper, expand cooperation and achieve continuous improvement of the semiconductor industry chain, and strive to achieve mutual benefit. A win-win situation.