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Continue to expand! SK Hynix or repurchase an 8-inch fab

  According to a Reuters quoted source, SK hynix is considering acquiring some of its logic chip maker MagnaChip to expand its 8-inch wafer line.

Like Samsung, SK hynix has begun to strengthen the development of logic chips such as mobile phone core processors, image sensors and automotive chips due to the recent slowdown in global memory market demand.

South Korea's "Maeil Business News" reported on April 22, according to sources in the chip industry, SK Hynix is considering taking MagnaChip's wafer foundry in Cheongju, South Korea. Cheongju City is an important base for the production of SK Hynix Semiconductor, and if you win the MagnaChip's Cheong Chau, you can increase the 8-inch capacity.

In this regard, SK Hynix and MagnaChip declined to comment.

According to the data, MagnaChip's parent company is LG Semiconductor, which was independent from SK Hynix's non-memory business unit in 2004 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2011 to provide wafers from 0.8um to 0.11um for customers worldwide. Foundry technology and services, there are 5 fabs in Korea, and the Qingzhou plant has a monthly capacity of 130,000.