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Breakthrough! Kioxia developed 170-layer NAND flash memory products

Japanese chip manufacturer Kioxia has developed approximately 170 layers of NAND flash memory and obtained this cutting-edge technology together with Micron and SK Hynix.

The Nikkei Asian Review reported that this new NAND memory was jointly developed with Western Digital, a US partner, and its data writing speed is more than twice that of Kioxia's current top product (112 layers).

In addition, Kioxia has also successfully installed more memory cells on each layer of the new NAND, which means that compared with the memory of the same capacity, it can shrink the chip by more than 30%. Smaller chips will allow greater flexibility in the construction of smart phones, servers and other products.

It is reported that Kioxia plans to launch its new NAND at the ongoing International Solid-State Circuit Conference, and is expected to start mass production as early as next year.

With the rise of 5G technology and larger scale and faster data transmission, Kioxia hopes to tap the demand related to data centers and smart phones. However, competition in this field has intensified. Micron and SK Hynix have announced 176-layer NAND before Kioxia.

In order to increase the output of flash memory, Kioxia and Western Digital plan to build a 1 trillion yen ($9.45 billion) factory in Yokkaichi, Japan this spring. Their goal is to open the first production lines in 2022. In addition, Kioxia has also acquired many factories next to the Kitakami factory in Japan so that it can expand production capacity as needed in the future.