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Apple Apple Dig Corner Intel 5G Engineer: Responsible for Chip Architecture

  According to the British "The Telegraph", Apple had "excavated" Intel at the beginning of this year, inviting a major 5G Modem developer to strengthen its own team.

The report quoted an e-mail that had just been published saying that in February this year, Apple "digging" Intel Umashankar Thyagarajan, the engineer responsible for developing modem chips. Umashankar Thyagarajan's LinkedIn information also confirms this, saying that he is currently responsible for chip architecture at Apple.

According to the report, Intel executives Messay Amerga and Abhay Joshi said that Umashankar Thyagarajan played a key role in the development of the Intel modem chip (for the 2018 iPhone).

In addition, the two executives also confirmed that Umashankar Thyagarajan is also the main engineer of the XMM8160 modem project. As we all know, the XMM8160 chip is a 5G modem chip developed for the future iPhone.

But in the middle of this month, a few hours after Apple and Qualcomm announced a settlement, Intel announced its withdrawal from the 5G smartphone modem chip business.

Yesterday, there were reports that Apple had considered acquiring Intel's smartphone modem chip business, but the negotiations between the two sides broke down.

Umashankar Thyagarajan has been with Intel for more than seven years, and his departure is said to be related to the frustration of Intel's development of 5G modems. Shortly after Umashankar Thyagarajan left in February, there were reports that Intel could not complete the development of 5G modems on time.