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Wurth Electronics

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Brand Introduction

- Wurth Electronics is a leading manufacturer of EMC and Inductive components including ferrites, ferrite beads, inductors, common-mode chokes, transformers, connectors, etc. With an international network of ISO certified production plants, distribution hubs and more than 400 technical salespeople, we supply your global activities from design to prototype to mass production. Wurth Elektronik offers our customers solutions beyond the component. Our company philosophy "more than you expect" is a commitment to engineering support. Expect more!

Product category

Circuit Protection(363 products)

RF/IF and RFID(298 products)

Optoelectronics(207 products)

Connectors, Interconnects(1,881 products)

Capacitors(3,157 products)

Transformers(186 products)

Switches(305 products)

Test and Measurement(1 products)

Power Supplies - Board Mount(29 products)

Maker/DIY, Educational(6 products)

Kits(119 products)

Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories(1,183 products)

Development Boards, Kits, Programmers(34 products)

Cables, Wires - Management(99 products)

Cables, Wires(9 products)

Cable Assemblies(312 products)

Battery Products(8 products)

Integrated Circuits (ICs)(7 products)

Inductors, Coils, Chokes(3,014 products)

Filters(760 products)

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