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Brand Introduction

- The products of the Weidmüller Group connect and network electrical power and signals in components, machines and installations. Our solutions serve people in the automation of buildings, processes and in industry.  We offer a comprehensive range of modern terminal blocks, complemented by a variety of printed circuit board terminals and connectors, including electronic interface components and modules. A selection of high quality hand and power tools, as well as a broad spectrum of enclosures and markers round off the range.

Product category

Circuit Protection(1,077 products)

Discrete Semiconductor Products(52 products)

Optoelectronics(23 products)

Sensors, Transducers(585 products)

Connectors, Interconnects(25,947 products)

Switches(15 products)

Relays(933 products)

Test and Measurement(15 products)

Prototyping, Fabrication Products(2 products)

Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)(81 products)

Networking Solutions(85 products)

Line Protection, Distribution, Backups(357 products)

Kits(79 products)

Industrial Controls(1,847 products)

Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories(325 products)

Computers, Office - Components, Accessories(53 products)

Cables, Wires - Management(1,159 products)

Cables, Wires(35 products)

Cable Assemblies(1,415 products)

Boxes, Enclosures, Racks(1,472 products)

Battery Products(1 products)

Integrated Circuits (ICs)(2 products)

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