Brand Introduction

- Bel and its groups are primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of products used in networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, transportation, and consumer electronics. Products include magnetics (discrete components, power transformers and MagJack™ connectors with integrated magnetics), modules (DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies, integrated analog front-end modules and custom designs), circuit protection (miniature, micro, surface-mount and PPTC resettable fuses) and interconnect devices (micro, circular and filtered D-Sub connectors, fiber optic connectors, passive jacks, plugs, radio frequency (RF), microwave connectors and high-speed cable assemblies). The company operates facilities around the world. Related product brands include: Bel Fuse, Bel Power Solutions, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Signal Transformer, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.

Product category

Circuit Protection(2,635 products)

RF/IF and RFID(1,262 products)

Optoelectronics(3 products)

Sensors, Transducers(2 products)

Connectors, Interconnects(30,048 products)

Transformers(1,156 products)

Test and Measurement(20 products)

Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Products(1 products)

Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)(1,923 products)

Power Supplies - Board Mount(2,311 products)

Line Protection, Distribution, Backups(32 products)

Kits(7 products)

Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories(5 products)

Cables, Wires - Management(1 products)

Cables, Wires(22 products)

Cable Assemblies(1,188 products)

Boxes, Enclosures, Racks(103 products)

Battery Products(48 products)

Integrated Circuits (ICs)(66 products)

Inductors, Coils, Chokes(2,715 products)

Filters(12 products)

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